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User Guide & Manual (Best with Computer/Laptop) 中文版本

  1. You may use mobile phone or tablet to enter
  2. Once enter this space, you can customize your avatar and name. Then click next.

  3. After allow all the Mic & Web Cam access,click 「Join the Gathering」 to start enter.

  4. When you inside tutorial island, you can click 「Skip Tutorial」 if you needed to.

  5. Once enter our space, you can use arrows keys 「↑↓←→」 or 「W,A,S,D」 to move around the avatar.
    * Please keep in mind that you can't be listen from someone once you away from a person for 4 steps

  6. You can interact with some item in the map with(Press x to interact)。

  7. Some space in the area are private when you see a notice 「You have entered a private space」, and it won't restrict with 4 spaces.

  8. Some spaces have spotlight: 「You have stepped on a spotlight square! Now broadcasting to the whole room.」, with all audience in the room.

  9. Under the space of tools,you can do customization with 「Change Character」、「Change Status」、「Mini Map」、「Screen Share」、「Emoji」

  10. 「Add text status」 enter you status to show.

  11. You can modify your mic or video cam by Mute and Off Cam button

  12. Some additional features at the left side bar is "Feedback", "Settings", "Notificaitons", "Build", "Calendar", "Chat" & "Participants"

  13. With the chat feature, you can select wether to chat with person nearby or chat to everyone in the room.
    ※註 When inside a private space, you can use nearby to chat with people in the same space.

  14. With specific person, you do a right click to have additional menu.

    • Start bubble:To have 1 to 1 conversation
    • Follow:Follow a specifics person.
    • Send chat:Private message with the person.
      ※ You can do this at the participant list as well
  15. For best performance, you may change your settings based your hardware specifications

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